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Our Mission

     We believe that you expect and deserve a well-built, high quality Park Model at an affordable price, and we've researched long and hard until we found them. Our energy efficient Park Model RV's offer remarkable function and there's nothing tiny about the interior appliances, built in cabinets, and attractive architectural features. The 400 sq ft is amazingly livable with room for that queen size bed! No wonder moving Tiny is becoming so popular. Downsizing, environmental or financial concerns, more time and freedom, less worries, whatever your reason, it is our pleasure to assist you on your journey to a simpler life.

    Please read below the definition of a park model. Athen's climate controlled building center is state-of-the-art using skilled craftsman and only the finest material. We're not only offering you a quality product, we offer first hand knowledge of installation, utility development, and outdoor living buildings. 

    We have built two Tiny Home communities, with a road and utility contractor at our fingertips and access to metal buildings for an added garage, storage, man-cave or she-shed. The whole caboodle! If slips are available, we can offer them to those who purchase their Small Home through us.


What is a Park Model RV?

A park model RV (PMRV) is a unique towable RV designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, seasonal, camping or travel use. PMRVs (previously referred to as recreational park trailers) are built on a single trailer chassis, mounted on wheels and have a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the set-up mode. They are certified by their manufacturers to comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5 Park Model Recreational Vehicle Standard.

Athens Park Model Homes

Difference between park model RVs and "tiny homes."

Talk of “tiny homes” has captured the attention of many people. Design considerations illustrated in television programs and on websites might evoke park model RVs, but there are several key differences:

  • Some “Tiny homes” aren’t actually homes. Some are built to the code requirements for travel trailers, if they’re built to any codes at all. Athens Park Model RVs are all built to the rigorous ANSI-A119.5 code for park model RVs.

  • Park model RVs can be housed on private rural property in most states, as well as on most RV campgrounds and in resorts around the country. Many RV campgrounds and resorts won’t accept “tiny homes” because there’s no set standard for quality and safety.

  • The RVIA park model RV label you’ll find by the front door of our park models makes them easy to finance and insure.

Full-sized amenities:

Park Model RVs offer full-sized amenities such as kitchens and baths, so you don't have to compromise on essential comforts.