Above are samples of some of the Athen park model interiors we offer here at Tiny Home Austin. Beautiful interior choices all depending on your tastes and needs. Various exterior widths and lengths are available for your outdoor setting. The grid below shows models and floor plans with exterior options, including lofts which raises the living room ceiling and gives space for storage or more sleeping quarters. The grandkids love it! Some use it for their extensive wardrobe. Use your imagination!

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So roomy, feels like a downtown condo!

APH-522 SL Texas Flair

15 X 26

399 sq ft with Loft (One of our most popular models)

6' porch optional

15 X 26

399 sq ft with that lovely extra wall for more furniture. We added a 10' porch to this baby and more upgrades. 

15 X 26

With 6' deck, Opt 10' front deck for 150 sq ft exterior living space

399 sq ft  (click picture for more details) This jewel sold the minute she landed! 


15 X 26

398 sq ft with 6' front porch


15 X 26

L-Kitchen with 6' front porch - Optional Loft

399 sq ft


15 X 30.11

L-Kitchen with side porch and Opt 10' front porch 

399 sq ft

APH-520 MS Monoslope

15 X 33.6


399 sq ft


15 X 30.10

Side porch with Opt 10' Front Porch and Exterior Fireplace

399 sq ft


15' X 31'

398 sq ft  with opt L shape porch


Less width, more length for that smaller space

APH-527B SL Monoslope (the latest rage!)

11.2 X 33.10

96 sq ft exterior living space on 8' front deck; interior loft

399 sq ft (click picture for more details)

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