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Luxury RV Park Homes

There comes a time when opportunity knocks and success answers. Platinum Cottages believes in true commitment to customer service. It's not just the words spoken of that partnership but the effort it takes to build a path of trust, honesty and integrity. It's knowing every measure of excellence, workmanship and industry innovation has been taken to restore a quality that has but vanished from our day to day order! This is why Tiny Home Austin has chosen this very fine product to offer you - our very fine customers!

Take a peek inside...

  • Our park model RV log cabins are built to specifications using high grade building materials. 

  • We deliver a superior Cottage with fresh designs, uncompromising styling and impressive vision!

  • All our custom Park Home RV choices are designed to meet energy efficiency criteria. 

  • We are known for "Bringing Quality Back" to the Park Model RV Industry.